Asset Management

Maximizing Value

Asset management is a cornerstone piece of our investment approach. Asset management involves overseeing the performance of a multifamily property following its acquisition. The goal is to optimize the property’s return on investment by managing costs efficiently and identifying opportunities to enhance its value. This requires striking a careful balance between controlling operating expenses and implementing necessary maintenance and upgrades to attract great tenants.

Asset management is pivotal as it represents the execution of our investment strategy, transforming theoretical projections into tangible outcomes.

While prioritizing long-term strategies to optimize property value and ROI, asset management also involves overseeing the designated property management company. Although property management handles most of the day-to-day operations such as collecting rents, overseeing maintenance work, and executing leases, asset management helps shape the strategy of the property management company. These efforts collectively contribute to our firm’s overarching goal of achieving attractive and sustainable results from our investments.

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    Property Management

    Partnership Approach

    We partner with top rated property management companies in the Los Angeles market. These companies handle the daily maintenance and operational aspects of our properties. Through close collaboration and communication channels, we meticulously supervise the execution of our business plan, objectives, and investment initiatives. By maintaining a proactive stance, we not only influence profitability but also foster sustainable growth and market value appreciation for our investments.

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    Oakwide is a multifamily real estate investment firm that invests in real estate directly and in partnership with high net worth and institutional investors. Guided by a steadfast buy-and-hold investment philosophy, Oakwide acquires multifamily real estate in the prestigious West Los Angeles neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, Malibu, Brentwood, Westwood, and West Hollywood.